Top 8 Electric Skateboard Tricks You Need to Learn Today

by Shop Skatex July 30, 2016

Skatex electric skateboards are perfect for cruising long distances in style. Our powerful motor, combined with sturdy trucks and large, rubber wheels makes our boards extremely user friendly and comfortable. We wanted to make a product that can be enjoyed by skateboarders of all experience levels.

But, maybe you’ve been skating for years and want to do electric skateboard tricks. Or, you might feel ready to learn some challenging moves. If you’re a bit more adventurous and are ready to learn some tricks for electric skateboards, here’s a list of some traditional longboard maneuvers that can be done on your SkateX board.

1. Shuvit

This move was originally called the “Ty Hop” and was invented by skateboarding legend Ty Page in the early 1970’s. There are over a dozen varieties of this trick, including the 360 Shuvit and the Pop Shuvit, but we’re simply going to cover the basic Shuvit.

Step One - Place one foot on the front of your board.

Step Two - Put your other foot slightly wider than halfway on the deck.

Step Three - Put some pressure on the nose, while pushing the board out with your back foot. Let it swivel 180 degrees before landing in the same position with the rotated board.

2. Tiger Claw

The Tiger Claw also involves spinning the board, but a few added steps makes a big difference in the visual effect of the trick. This move is versatile and can be combined with more elaborate tricks very easily.

Step One - While in motion, step off the board with one foot and use your kicktail to push the front of your electric longboard into your hand.

Step Two - Grab the board on the top edge close to the nose from the opposite side and throw the board under your feet while quickly hopping back on.

Make sure that when you throw the board beneath you, that you’re rotating the board a full 180 degrees.

3. Ghostride Kickflip

Ghostride kickflips are great for electric longboarding. Traditional kickflips are difficult to perform on longer, heavier boards, but this alternative let’s you get a similar effect, with a lot less effort.

Step One - While riding the board, quickly hop off

Step Two - Kick your board by flicking the underside with one foot. Make sure to kick it hard enough that it flips all the way around and lands on the wheels.

Step Three - Jump back on your electric skateboard.

4. Cross Step

Cross Stepping is a fun and simple trick that doesn’t require your board to do any turns or flips. Instead, you are moving up and down your skateboard, moving your feet over one another. With practice, this trick can become really impressive, and looks like you’re “dancing” while you’re rolling downhill.

Step One - Get your electric skateboard rolling and stand with one foot in the center and one on the outer back edge.

Step Two - Move your back foot, and cross it over the foot that’s in the center.

Step Three - Now move the other foot out to the front edge of the board.

Step Four - Move your feet back to the original position and repeat.

5. No Comply

The No Comply is done by popping your skateboard around 180º while keeping the board under one foot. It looks similar to a shuvit, except that you’re popping and flipping the board and turning with it.

Step One - Start out on the board with one foot in the middle and one on the center of your tail. Make sure that your center foot is leaning off the edge so it’s easier to turn.

Step Two - Pop your board up by pushing on the tail, making sure to push diagonally. This should make the board automatically turn 180º.

Step Three - Let one foot slide off onto the ground, and keep the other foot on the board, turning your body 180º with the deck.

6. Stand Up Slide

Stand Up Slides are usually performed when going downhill. When you’ve gained enough momentum, rather than carving down the street, with your nose pointed forward, you turn the board sideways and glide forward for a few seconds and then finish riding like normal.

Step One - Start going downhill, with your electric skateboard.

Step Two - When you’ve gained momentum, turn your body so that your feet are pointed forward and your board is turned sideways.

Step Three - Put your weight on the front leg, and return your board back in the normal position.

7. Flat Top

The Flat Top is a simple trick where you pop your electric skateboard up using the kicktail, then jump and spin the board before landing back on it. The key to succeeding with this trick is to get a lot of air, so many longboarders like to flip their board while they run on a bench or a rail before they land back on the deck.

Step One - Use your remote to get your Skatex board rolling forward.

Step Two - When you’re ready, push your foot far back on the tail, so that when you pop your board up your foot slides on the ground.

Step Three - As your board pops, jump up and put the foot that was in the center of the board on the ground and grab your board from the side and spin it 180 degrees.

Step Four - Land back on your board and keep riding.

8. Demon Claw

A Demon Claw is very similar to the Tiger Claw trick mentioned earlier. However, the flip itself is different. Rather than a sideways 180 degree spin, you also flip the board while you’re turning it. Rather than grabbing the side, you grab the front truck, which gives this trick a little bit more complicated.

Step One - When you’ve built up momentum on your skateboard, slide one foot forward off the board while simultaneously popping the deck up by putting pressure on the kicktail.

Step Two - Grab the board from the truck and flip it around while swinging the board sideways.

Step Three - Hop back on the board in the original position..

All of these tricks can be learned with some time, patience and determination. The great thing about using an electric skateboard for doing tricks, is that you eliminate the need to push, which allows you to focus more on your form and technique. Doing tricks on an electric board adds a new dimension to traditional longboard tricks. Always remember to stay safe, and have fun showing off your new skills.

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